CellAire Foam Folls


CellAire Polyethylene Protective Foam Rolls - Lightweight Packaging Foam For Surface Protection

CellAire Foam is a protective foam that has been designed for protecting delicate items that are easily scratched or marked in either transit, while being shipped, or in storage. It also acts as the perfect underlay for laying under new laminate floors and solid wood flooring

CellAire foam on a roll is the perfect protection for a wide range of items and products. We offer highly comeptitive prices on cell air foam.

We supply the rolls in convenient roll widths and thicknessses- simply select the width and thickness that best suits your particular application.

Choose From Either 1mm or 2.5mm Thickness


1mm Thick CellAire Foam Rolls (300 Metres Long)
Roll Length 300 metres 1mm Thick (Polyethylene Protective Foam)



2.5mm Thick CellAire Foam Rolls (120 Metres Long)
Roll Length 120 metres 2.5mm Thick (Polyethylene Protective Foam)