Die Cut Boxes


Die cut boxes are manufactured using a cutter and made exactly to your requirements -  our machines stamp your design out onto the sheet of corrugated cardboard in a similar way to a cookie-cutter. This gives you a certain flexibility in the design of Die Cut boxes, allowing our die cut boxes to be elaborate, complicated and designed to fit tightly around your product.

Our stocked range of die cut postal boxes are easy to assemble and are supplied flat for easier storage and transportation. They are made out of rigid corrugated cardboard and are robust and durable - making them ideal as boxes for mailing, shipping and posting.

Each die cut box that we make features a self-locking tab design, reducing the need for tape and reducing your costs!

If you cannot find the exact specification of die cut box that you need, then we can manufacture one for you. Simply call us on 02476 422 000!

See below for a list of the Die Cut Postal boxes that we offer:



DC433 - (117mm x 85mm x 100mm) 4.6
Die Cut Mug Postal Boxes / Mailers - ensure the safe shipping of your promotional mugs..

DC555 - (127mm x 127mm x 127mm) 5

DC642W - (165mm x 125mm x 70mm) 6
White Crash Lock Bottom Box Requiring Minimal Taping For Speed.
DC665 - (165mm x 165mm x 125mm) 6
'Squarish' locking die cut box - Perfect packaging for shipping Boxed Watches
DC1111 - (283mm x 283mm x 40mm) 11
Pizza Style Boxes Locking - Die Cut Box For Posting Items Such As Small Or Medium Plates DC11..
DC1182-A4 - (297mm x 210mm x 57mm) 11.7
A4 Size Paper Box - Hinged Lid Box For Storage Of Up To One Full Ream Of A4 Paper. Perfect For Ar..
DW11713 - Bottle Box (290mm x 185mm x 340mm) 11
This super strong double wall bottle box / carrier will offer excellent protection for upto six bottles of wine.
DC14143- (356mm x 356mm x 75mm) 14
Pizza Box Style locking die cut box - Perfect packaging for shipping plates or other products out..
DC16112-A3 - (426mm x 302mm x 57mm) 16.77
Boxes Supplied In Brown A3 Size Paper Box - This Box Is Designed To Contain A Ream Of A3 Paper..